What Is the Best Type of Coated/Stratified Wire to Use?

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Wire

This is a common question and one that does not have a simplistic answer, as there are many different machine and application variables that must be examined in order to determine which wire type is best.

In order to evaluate your wire needs, you’ll want to answer these three questions:

  1. Does your machine have optimized settings for a certain type of coated wire? If your machine does not have coated wire settings, you will need to modify the standard brass wire settings.
  2. What type of flushing application is on the workpiece? Good flush = both heads can achieve seal-off on the workpiece. Poor flush = one or both heads cannot achieve seal-off on the workpiece.
  3. What is the desired production benefit to using coated wire? Are you hoping to achieve faster machining speed, higher accuracy, finer surface finish, or less wire breaks?

The two main factors that will help determine which coated wire type is best for a specific application is the flushing type and the desired production benefit.

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