What is the best type of coated wire to use for achieving the highest quality surface finish?

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 There are many different types of coated wire available today, so it is important to understand the specific application for which a wire was designed and intended. There isn’t a single wire type that is best for every application. Some are designed for speed, some are designed for accuracy and surface finish, and others are designed to provide a combined mix or cost value of these different characteristics.

When it comes to producing the best surface finish, there are only a few coated wires that should be considered.  A traditional A-type coated wire is a good choice for fine finish applications, but it will provide minimal machining speed benefits over standard brass wire operation.  A-type coated wire is reasonably priced, but there are newer coated wires that can provide greater performance.

One option is the new hybrid gamma phase wire called HyperCut™.  This new wire combines the characteristics of A-type and gamma phase wires. The result is a super-clean wire that is faster than plain brass and produces higher accuracy and surface finish.  The characteristics of HyperCut wire favor accuracy and surface quality, so it does not represent the fastest coated wire on the market.  HyperCut wire marks a significant step forward for precision applications since it provides excellent AWT reliability. HyperCut wire was also developed to further improve machine productivity while achieving high accuracy and fine surface finishes down to 3umRz / 16uinRa with just 3-pass machining. 

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  1. I am new to wire EDM and am learning to operate an old agie 315 and a agie challenge. is there a chart on the various wires and best applications.

  2. Thermocompact has a great tool on their web-site to help you choose the best coated wire for your machine and application. By choosing filters such as machine manufacturer, material being cut, workpiece size/shape, surface finish and speed requirements, etc., the system will narrow down the wire selection to the best solutions for your application.

    Once you’ve narrowed down your wire solutions, you can easily download detailed wire specifications, packaging details and estimate wire run times all within the tool.

    Visit the link below:

    Coated Wire Selector Tool

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